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My Personal Fashion Rules

I'm definitely not a fashion blogger, and I think I can just about manage to get myself looking put together on a daily basis. Even though fashion just isn't on my radar, I have some personal 'rules' that I follow when I'm putting together an outfit in the morning.

I say 'rules' because I don't think you should limit your fashion choices or or feel like you should wear what you're expected to. I'm not here to be some type of fashion police, which is why I'm sharing my personal rules!

Comfort Over Everything
I value my comfort much more than how I look, and that's why my 99% of the time, I'm in a pair of jeans and trainers and a top that fits the weather. I'm a student and living in a new country, so I'm usually running around either to class early in the morning, or wanting to explore the city. 

If what I'm wearing isn't comfortable, I will swap it for something that is, and when I'm shopping I keep this in mind too. 

Not to say that I don't wear something just for the aesthetic of it but those occasions are few and far between!

Subtle Accessories
When I want to take my basic outfit to level two, I add a few accessories. I prefer subtle jewellery and a simple watch but depending on how I feel, a necklace and the type of bag I'm carrying will change the look.

I love love love rings and I'm almost always wearing a few on my hands. Paired with a simple watch, I can have a pretty nice looking outfit overall (at least I think so anyway!).

Layer Up
Another thing I love doing is to layer up my clothing. In winter it's my absolute go-to because when I go from outside where it's cold to indoors where it's warm, I can just shed a few layers, and vice versa.

Finally, I like to wear opposites as in, if I'm wearing something baggy on top, I wear skinny jeans, or if I'm wearing a flowy skirt, I wear a more fitted top. It makes me look much more put together.

I just think wearing clothing that's both baggy or both tight doesn't look good on my 5' 2" self. I've seen some people rock flowy skirts and baggy jumpers and they make it work but for me, it just doesn't work!

As I said above, I'm definitely not a fashion person (hence why this is such a short post hehe) but I do have some steps I take to make myself look a little bit better.

What are your personal fashion rules?

I'll see you in the next one!