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My Winter Oily Skincare Routine

Ok, so it's taken me a really embarrassing amount of time to finally formulate a skincare routine that works for me. After doing some research and testing out different products, I actually think I've got my skincare routine down to a T. My routine is very affordable and won't break the bank, and makes my face feel soft and smooth afterwards!

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First of all: my actual skin. I've got an oily T-zone, and a super super dry chin. How weird is that combination?? So, I use products that are gonna be beneficial to both problem areas, not just one. Now onto the routine!

So the first thing I do is take off my make up (if I'm wearing any). I use any make up wipes for this and proceed to step two. The soap I use is African black soap, which has a tooon of amazing benefits, such as aiding in moisturising, repairing damaged skin tissues, regulating sebum secretion, and improving skin tone. It's perfect for my combination skin and it's great for any skin type and texture, too!

Sometimes, I like to use my BiorĂ© Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser to really get into my skin, especially if I've been wearing make up that day. It tingles my face, which isn't bad at all, and I rub it in curcular motions on all areas of my face.

When I rinse this off my face, I exfoliate twice a week with everyone's tried and tested St Ives Apricot Scrub. This product has been around for yeaaars and it's still one of the best selling for a reason! If I want to really scrub my skin I use a spinny face brush you can get literally everywhere nowadays. I scrub this into my skin gently for a minute then rinse it off and pat my face dry.

So, now is the time to tone, and the toner I've been loving recently is Lush's Tea Tree Water. It smells so fresh and lovely, and really helps the excess oil I get on my T-Zone. The ingredients are antiseptic and antibacterial, so they help with acne too. I either spritz this on my face or spray onto a cotton pad and wipe on my face and neck to get rid of any other dirt the cleansers didn't get off.

Next is arguably my favourite part, and that's sheet masks, which I use twice a week on the same days I exfoliate to really get the product into my skin. I looove sheet masks, and they've been gaining popularity in the UK thanks to the famous 10 step Korean skincare routine. I'm not fussy with the type of sheet mask I use and I love to get mine from TK Maxx because they have a wide selection. I just take it out of the packet and apply it to my face, aligning the eye holes up properly. Then I lounge around for about 20 minutes while the serum does its thing. Any excess serum I just apply to my arms and neck.

After 20 minutes, I remove the mask and pat the remaining serum into my skin and instantly feel all smooth and fresh, like I haven't just washed my face, but I've really cleaned my skin. I find that sheet masks really help my chin absorb a lot of moisture that it lacks, especially in the winter.

Following this is a moistoriser and I'm not fussy with this either. Because it's winter I use anything with coconut oil in it. I begin by applying some to my chin and rubbing it in then applying to the rest of my face (along with my chin again!) Sometimes I'll feel like using a clay mask, and I'll do that once a week if I feel like my skin really needs it. It goes without saying that I use this routine both day and night.

And that's it! Really simple and straight forward and not complicated at all! I've really been into taking care of my skin, and having a routine like this to follow every day really helps.