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Tools I Use For Blogging

As a new blogger, I have been going all over the internet trying to figure out what the best tools and resources are for me. Honestly, all the information is a little overwhelming because there is just so much out there! After a lot of searching, I’ve now got some firm favourites that I use to make blogging a little bit easier.

My Winter Night Time Routine

Winter is not my favourite season at all, and I dread the colder months coming round every year. I wish it could be spring or autumn all year round, but since winter is always gonna rear its ugly head, it's really helpful to have a night-time routine that can help make it just that bit more bearable.

6 Studying Essentials

So for all you A-Level or university (or even GCSE!) students out there, you're probably now on Christmas break! I hate to break it to you buuut gone are the days of chilling over Christmas, and I'm sure you know this already. Although it's obviously important to relax over the Christmas break, I know and you know that your studies come first (and they will do for the next few years)! It can be difficult to muster the effort to begin studying but having some essential things around you is gonna make it that bit easier, I promise!

My Natural Hair Essentials + Routine

I transitioned to natural 4 years ago, and after chopping my hair off, I had two main thoughts. One: oh my God I can’t believe I did that! And two: … well what now!? Well, I’ve figured out the “what now!?” and I’ve finally come up with a routine and I’ve found the products that work really well for my hair.

Holiday Gift Guide: For When You Don't Know What To Buy!

I’m sure we’ve all had that awkward moment when we get through our list of what to buy for the holidays, and we just don't know what to get! Been there, done that! It can get so frustrating when trying to think of an amazing present, so I want to share my suggestions for when you just don’t know what to buy! Christmas isn't too far off, so these gifts are great last minute!

Cinnamon Rolls | Recipe

I don't think anything encapsulates the smell of Christmas quite like cinnamon, which is why I've got a very easy recipe here for cinnamon rolls! Baking during Christmas is one of my favourite activities and making cinnamon rolls is one of the things I look forward to because having one of these in the morning with a cup of tea is seriously one of the best things ever, especially during winter because they just seem to taste even more special!

How the 80/20 Principle Can Work For You

I first heard of the 80/20 Principle (also known as the Pareto Principle) in this video by MuchelleB. It seemed like such an interesting concept, and I realised that I had unknowingly applied it to my own life many times without actually knowing it!

Quotes To 100% Live By

There are a lot of inspirational people that I look up to. They all follow different paths and careers, but each person has a story to tell that really speaks to me. I try to always remember their quotes and apply them to my life so I can see some positive improvements.

5 Habits to Get Into This Winter

Happy December everyone! It's finally appropriate to start using the W word in the UK because it's freezing ALL the time! Winter time is definitely not my favourite, but I'm starting to get into the habit of doing small tasks that I hope will become habits very soon.

My Favourite Productivity Apps

Technology is so amazing nowadays, right? Everything is readily available to you at any given time and there are so many resources out there to help you with any tasks you may have. So, I've compiled a list of my favourite apps for productivity that I literally use on a daily basis to help me out.

Self-Care Tips

Nowadays, we hear the words "self-care" thrown around a lot, but do we practice it? Do we even know what it means? I understand self-care to be the moment or moments in the day you give to yourself to make sure you're taken care of, mentally and physically. I don't think self-care should be something you do only when things aren't looking so good, but rather it should be a journey you take with yourself to achieve stress-free living.

Why Gratitude is Powerful & How You Can Practise It

I feel like, as humans, we have a natural tendency to always expect more. Or to want something that's bigger and better, and maybe more extravagant than what we already have. It's not a bad thing to want better for yourself. But when you let these thoughts consume you so much you begin to not live in the present moment, it could be a sign that you're not appreciating what's right in front of you.

Rosa's Thai Cafe | Brixton

There's nothing better than craving Thai food when you're in London, because you know you'll be able to find a really good place to satisfy any craving! As I was in Brixton, I decided that lunch at Rosa's Thai Cafe was the right move, and boy was that a great idea.

My Winter Oily Skincare Routine

Ok, so it's taken me a really embarrassing amount of time to finally formulate a skincare routine that works for me. After doing some research and testing out different products, I actually think I've got my skincare routine down to a T. My routine is very affordable and won't break the bank, and makes my face feel soft and smooth afterwards!

How to Ace Any Type of Interview

So, it's that time of year when people are starting to get either job interviews or university interviews. A huge congratulations to you! Some of you may be worried about how to succeed in the interview stage, and I've got some tips I want to share that I've used to do well in my own interviews.

5 Winter Essentials You Definitely Need

Now, it's not yet technically winter, but it is absolutely freezing all the same. Because the new season brings some challenges (like... getting out of bed early in the morning, right??), I thought I would share some of my winter essentials that make the season a little bit more bearable. 

The Best (and worst!) Things About Going on a Gap Year

Once you finish your A-Levels, you're faced with making one of many decisions. You're told you can go to university (which I think is the most popular option for many people), or you can start working, or you can even take a gap year. The attitudes towards gap years have definitely improved in recent years, making more and more young people defer going to university. And gap years can be brilliant, definitely, but they can also... how should I say this... not turn out to be what you planned.