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6 Things To Do When You're Stuck Inside


The words "cabin fever" have never felt more relatable in my life, because we're now entering the 4th week of being on lockdown here in China! The rules of our dorm have toughened up a little bit - we used to be able to go out at least go out once a day, but now its been cut to three times a week. Other university students can't go out at all, so we're a little but more fortunate than some. But even with that small amount of freedom, I haven't been going out at all because the cases of those who have the coronavirus in my city are increasing day by day.

That leaves me indoors with nothing to do! So naturally, I've written a few things that I think can help you not lose your wits and pass the time. I think it's only fitting that after last week's blog post, this be the follow up don't you think?

I spent a lot of money last semester eating out because I didn't have much time to cook, and over time it started adding up, so when the holiday started I told myself that I would start cooking again. I've mainly been making loads of curries and different types of pasta sauces that I wanted to try out when school was hectic. I typically meal prep because it stretches the food out longer, but sometimes inspiration will hit me and I'll cook something there and then. 

I did this right at the beginning of the winter holiday - taking clothes I didn't wear anymore and putting them away, sorting out my desk and the contents of all my drawers and suitcases, sorting out my laptop and all the files that accumulated since September, and doing the same to my phone. There's something so freeing about letting go of your literal baggage, whether it's right in front of you, or somewhere in your digital space. I also took the time to cut down on how many social media accounts I follow, and that felt just as great too. 

If you're interested, I wrote a whole blog post about organising and decluttering your digital space, which is the blueprint that I used when I was sorting through all my stuff.

I haven't been reading as much as I thought I would if I'm being honest. Reading throughout the semester didn't happen, unless it was a textbook for class. I have a few books on my list that I want to read sometime this year though - Atomic Habits by James Clear, I know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, Crescent  by Diana Abu-Jaber, and Once In A Promised Land by Laila Halaby.

Crescent and Once In A Promised Land are both written by Arab-American women who explore the central theme of identity in their writing, and I found out about them from a friend who wrote about them in her thesis. I loved her work about the books so much I decided I just need to read them both myself!

Atomic Habits is a book about building good habits, which is just right up my alley. It's very popular in the self-help community and I really want to give it a try. Lastly, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is the only book I actually have on hand at the moment, and it's one I've had for an embarrassingly long time but haven't yet finished. I'm planning on finishing that first and getting onto Crescent! I'd appreciate some book recommendations down below if you have any!

... or a few. There's something so great about watching a movie you've wanted to see for aaaages, especially if it's raining outside and you're warm inside with snacks, tea, and a huge fluffy blanket. I just watched the Korean movie Parasite and it's easily one of the best films I've watched recently. It was on my radar since the trailer was released last year, and it did not disappoint. No wonder it did so well at the Oscars!

I have a blog post about 5 Korean movies I think everyone needs to watch, and after I watch a few more, a part 2 will definitely come soon.

Another film I want to watch is a Chinese movie whose title translates to Hide and Seek. It's a typical home invasion movie but I saw a snippet online and thought that it looked so cool!

I've also been watching some anime and K-dramas, but I think that's a post for another time to come.

I've been doing this since the winter holiday first started, and I think it's easily one of my favourite things to do. I found my blogging mojo and started writing again, and along with that, I've been reading a lot of awesome content!

This is by no means exhaustive, but a few blogs I've loved recently are Nicole-Eva, Samantha. J, Misty Prose, Daisybutter, and From Roses.

I've had so much free time on my hands I've been reading a lot of new content everyday, so I've loved more than just these five, but if you're looking for some new bloggers to get into I definitely couldn't recommend these lovely ones enough!

This winter will definitely be one to remember, not only because of the obvious, but because of all the late night video calls I've been making my friends. Its been lovely catching up with all my friends back in the UK, my cousins back home, and my friends here in China too. Med school is so busy and there was never time to spend an entire afternoon just chatting away on my phone.

My roommate and I have also been going downstairs (and having people come up to see us!) to see some friends who are also still in the building, and talking to our families a whole lot more too! If you're stuck indoors this winter, give your mum, old uni friends, and even grandma a ring!

Other than the usual scrolling of social media and YouTube (because, come on...), that's how I've been passing the time here in my little dorm room. It's been nice catching up on things like organising and blog reading, but I'm more than ready for us to be allowed out again.

Anyway, until then please do leave all your recommendations down below! I'd love to know how you spend time indoors!

Why 2020 Hasn't Started Off Great; Living in China During the Coronavirus Outbreak

2020 was supposed to start off great, and it had no reason not to; entering a new decade and the overall excitement of entering a brand new year was supposed to be the mood for January all through to March. However, so much has happened that put a real damper on things, making this year pretty terrible so far.

Let's set the scene: it's December 31st. I'm at my desk with a hot water bottle on my lap (because the winters here are just painful), my un-studied neurology notes right in front of me. I'm cursing at myself for not studying them thoroughly before because my exam is now just one week away, when the clock on my laptop reads midnight. My roommate and I high five to ring in the new year, and both just get back to work. January brings with it 4 exams, and its now the long awaited winter break! My friends and I make so many plans (very few of them actually executed), and then we're hit with the news about the spread of what was first called the Wuhan pneumonia, now called the coronavirus. Very quickly, we're told to go out less, buy masks, and report any physical symptoms to the admin. As the days go on, we're told not to go out at all unless you absolutely have to, and by this point, 80% of the people who were going to stay in China this winter have all flown back home.

I've been Instagramming my whole experience living in China during the coronavirus outbreak, and I just want to thank all the lovely people who sent messages of encouragement, because they all meant so much to me. I've not been sharing figures like how many people are infected, or the death toll because I want my Instagram to be a positive place, so I've been mostly sharing the memes running around the WeChat circles and how my university has been handling it.

When we found out the severity of the virus, my roommate and I took 2 trips to the supermarket for food and other bits we'd need. One was completely out of veg, so we had to go to a different one, to find people scrambling for what they could there too. After 11 days indoors (!!!), we did another food shop, and luckily found veg this time, along with other things that ran out. We're avoiding meat completely, especially since my province reported cases of bird flu a week ago. We'd rather not risk anything!

When you leave the dormitory, you need to wear face masks to even be allowed out. Before entering the supermarket, your temperature has to be taken to make sure you don't have a fever. The same is for those who use the subway. Half of the exits are no longer in use and there are more guards there than usual. The subway also give free hand sanitizer to use before you enter the carriage and they also don't let you on if you're not wearing a mask. When we come back into the dorm, you need to disinfect your shoes and hands before coming in, then once you're in, you need to sanitize your belongings and outer clothes. You get your temp taken again and sign it in the books before you're allowed upstairs.

Other rules in place are: not being allowed to go to anyone's university and absolutely no guests from outside are allowed. If you want to go out, then you can only do it once a day. You also need to disinfect your room and go sign in downstairs to show you've done it everyday. A nearby university has stopped allowing students from leaving their campus at all, and I won't be surprised if this is enforced for us soon too.

The reality is that staying in your room for days on end really really sucks and it feels very depressing sometimes. Especially when I just wake up, and before I've even opened my eyes I know it's going to be another day surrounded by these four walls without anything to really look forward to. Sometimes, I go look out the window at cars going past, wondering how I even ended up here in the first place (this all sounds very dramatic, but it's the truth haha!) I'm constantly thinking about the stuff I wanted to get done this winter and the places I wanted to visit, but those plans will just have to wait until the next holiday!

Something I've been reading online is how residents of Wuhan are being discriminated against around China. Those who live in other cities, for example Beijing, are being told not to enter any establishment or are just being insulted, just because they're from Wuhan but were probably nowhere from where the virus first emerged. There's also been a surge in xenophobia and racism against any East Asian around the globe as well, no matter if they're Chinese or not. It reminds me of the time when Ebola first broke out and suddenly every black person was definitely African and carrying the virus, meaning they should be discriminated against whether or not they had even been to Africa in the first place. We're all feeling unsure and afraid, but it doesn't mean our empathy and kindness should be thrown out of the window. Michelle wrote this blog post on being a British-Chinese woman in the UK in the wake of this coronavirus crisis, and I urge everyone to read it.

This post doesn't really have a purpose to it and I'm sure you can tell by how jumbled my thoughts are coming across (because I keep reading it back and nothing seems to make much sense haha) - I just needed to get my thoughts out about this coronavirus and thought a blog post was the best way to do it. I've tried for a week to get my thoughts together, and they're still jumbled up because on one hand, it's scary being here (whether or not I can fly back home is still being looked at. Not only that, but the risk of catching the virus at the airport or on the plane now it's progressed this far is just too high), but on the other hand I don't want to be in this panicked state any more so I do as much as I can to be positive.

The situation is still developing and we find out more information everyday, which is why it's not good to speculate. I hope we can all continue being strong in this situation, especially everyone in Wuhan right now. 中国加油!

15 Things To Stop Doing For A Happier You

We all do things that may make us unhappy for a time, and constantly doing these things will definitely make us unhappy for much longer than need be. Over time, we get used to sticking to the default and eventually these actions become habits that are difficult to break away from. Sometimes, the people around you also become used to this default version of you that these actions are now expected of you too, and if it's one thing I don't like, it's being put in a box and having expectations put on me.

Today I want to share some things that we all (me included) need to stop doing. Things that are reflex actions and not carefully thought out, leading to being placed in that box mentioned above. Have a look at the list and see if you do any of these things.

1. Stop procrastinating
I have a whole ton of blog posts about productivity, because if it's one thing that just doesn't sit right with me, it's not being productive!  You can have a read through them right here.

2. Stop apologising for everything
This is a habit I had trouble breaking but now that I have, life is just so much... easier. I don't know where that habit came from but if it's one thing I want to say to past me it's this: chill out because not everything is your fault!

3. Stop being the "yes" man
If you want to be a better friend (or a better person in general), stop being the "yes" man! Tell people when they've messed up, and how they can improve. Don't allow people to go through life without letting them know where or how they can improve. Trust me, it sounds daunting at first but if they're someone who deserves to be in your life, they'll thank you for it.

4. Stop comparing
This is something I need to work on, especially being in medical school where for some people, grades are everything. They're important, but not the be all and end all. If you think someone is better than you in some way, don't forget that you're only seeing their highlight reel, and not the full picture.

5. Stop judging
Judgement is an ugly colour, and I hate when people just pass judgements without knowing the full story. Discernment is important to have, but if you find yourself throwing judgements around left, right, and centre, take a look at why that is.

6. Stop allowing people to make decisions for you
Ooohhh, this is a big one, and one that will undoubtedly make anyone feel some kind of way. However,I do feel like in this current social and political climate, people are more upfront and unapologetic about what they want, and that's amazing.

7. Stop spending money on things that don't add joy to your life
Self explanatory. Just stop it.

8. Stop focusing on the negatives
If you were gifted a beautiful piece of art but saw a tiny notch on the frame, would it take away the overall beauty of the painting? Of course not! I apply this analogy to life whenever I catch myself in a string of negative thoughts and I think it really helps.

9. Stop being so hard on yourself
When I think of all I've been through and all I've managed to accomplish, I can't continue being hard on myself anymore because I remember that if I've been through all that I can go through anything (as cheesy as that sounds...) Please give yourself a break. You deserve it.

10. Stop making excuses for people
Sometimes, what people need is to be told where they've gone wrong and where they can improve. If someone's doing something that you know is wrong but you give them a pass, explore why that is and work on fixing it.

11. Stop making excuses for yourself
See as above.

12. Stop holding onto items that have no use in your life
We're in the age of Marie Kondo-ing everything we have, and I for one love it! I'm working on shifting to being more minimal, and it's actually harder than I thought. I came to China with a lot of stuff that I thought I'd need, and decluttering them all will take some time.

13. Stop eating food you know isn't good for you
All my take-away lovers say HEY! I freaking looove food, and sometimes it's easy to just think "whatever, I know I had a burger yesterday, but if I have another one today, my next one will be at the weekend". Just me? Well, those burgers may taste good in the moment, but when your digestion starts suffering as a result, you'll only have yourself to blame.

14. Stop neglecting your sleep schedule
My sleep schedule has been through it all - I've been on top of it, I've been on track for a time, then I've gone around and completely neglected it. As I get older (I'm only 22 but I think about old age more often than I think I should...), I'm learning that sleep is super super important and if I don't want to be a half-functioning zombie, I should try to sleep better. Nancy wrote a great blog post about sleeping better, which you can check out right here.

15. Stop holding grudges
I think of holding a grudge with the analogy that you're allowing someone to live in your mind rent-free! Most of the time, they've moved on from whatever it is that transpired and you're still going through that scenario over and over again. It is absolutely not worth it.

How do you fare when it comes to these things? Anything you need to work on? Tell me below!

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Surviving The First Semester of Med School

Okay, so obviously its been a long time since I uploaded anything - be it on this blog, or any of my social medias, but I’m baaack! I have been quite active on my Twitter and I’ve just gotten back into Instagram, so I haven’t been all that M.I.A.

My last blog post was published all the way back in JULY, and obviously a lot has changed since then, the main thing being that I started and ended my first semester of medical school! It was such a long journey that I’m honestly glad has come to an end, but even though it was definitely the hardest semester of my life, it did come with highs I really enjoyed.

Tough to say the least. Lectures started from 8am and could go on all day until usually 5pm, apart from Wednesday, where we had Chinese language until 9:30 in the evening (!!!) The classes I took this semester were Anatomy, Histology, Chinese language, Medical Chinese, Computing, and Sports. The curriculum in China is different in that Sports are still required for all students to take, regardless of whether you’re in university or not, and Computing was essentially just a glorified ICT lesson, where the only thing I learned was how to use a couple of formulas in Excel that I didn’t know how to use before. Thankfully, those lessons were only once a week for 45 minutes, but going into next semester, I still have to take Sports. How fun.

I live on a campus far from the medical campus, so mornings usually started at 5:30am to make it to class in time, with a fan tuan in one hand (rice covered in a sheet of seaweed and stuffed with various fillings, so delish!) and my bus card in the other. As the weather got colder, this slowly shifted to 6am, then 6:30am, because the crisp cold autumn/winter mornings are no one’s friend at all.

Anatomy was easily my favourite subject, partly because I had an awesome teacher who knew everything about everything off the top of her head, and also because its just so interesting! My exams for anatomy went really well, both in lab and theory, so I got all my credits and finished with a really good grade. Chinese language has always been my best subject, so I didn’t have any worries about that going in anyway. The only thing I haaated was Histology. I don’t mean any offence to anyone who loves histology but it wasn’t very interesting for me, and that was reflected in my grades. Even though I passed, I know I could have done better if I was more interested in it but, sadly that wasn’t the case.

The thing that made the academic side the most difficult was timing. Finding time to eat, do laundry, study, talk to people, clean - all of that was so hard to juggle. I ended up sacrificing my social life and sleep in order to study more, which did wonders for my grades but not my overall health. I was perpetually tired during the day because I didn’t have time to sleep a full 7 or 8 hours at night. Some nights I was lucky if I got even just 5 hours in! The routine got boring and tedious, and when those weekend lectures started in mid-November it seriously took a toll on my mental health, which is why I looked forward to the winter break more than anything! Although now with this coronavirus outbreak, I’d rather time travel and go back a few months, but more on that later.

Seriously lacking! I had no time to go out and enjoy myself because I had to study, simple as. A lot of other students did manage to find the balance between school and life, and I seriously applaud them for it because I just couldn’t do it. If I wasn’t studying, my priority was either napping or doing life-things like laundry or meal prep. If I wasn’t doing any of these things, I would feel serious guilt about not studying which would stress me out until I went to study.

I envied my friends back home who were enjoying their graduations, free time, and holidays, and constantly asked myself “why did I come here!?”. Something everyone hears about medical school is that you don’t have time to do anything, which in a way is true, but it all depends on how you organise your time. My first year of uni was spent learning Chinese and it was nothing compared to this, but I really hope I can improve going into the next semester.

This post is looking a bit moody, but I promise it wasn’t all doom and gloom! I enjoyed learning all the cool bits about the human body, and learning them in Chinese was really awesome too. I did all essay subjects at A-Levels, so diving into medicine where everything is science-based was a challenge. But seeing how I was understanding concepts we’d only glossed over in GCSE was very surprising. I didn’t struggle as badly as I thought I would; after putting in the work (and loads of it!), I can say that I was academically stretched and still came out on the other side.

A couple of weeks before the semester started, I was in Hangzhou with my cousin and I got a few bits she brought me from home, like my favourite snacks and clothing I left at home. Eating away at those late at night with a human body atlas in front of me is a fond memory now! I joined the Dragon Dance team for my university, which is a big deal because dragon dance is a huge part of Chinese culture. We had a performance in front of hundreds in December that went really well, and the fact that I could squeeze in practise with school is something I’m really proud of.

I also celebrated my 22nd birthday in October, and my friends and I went out for Japanese food and karaoke to mark the occasion. It rained that day, and even though the weather wasn’t amazing, being surrounded by my favourite people definitely made up for it.

It was a wonderful semester to have, and I look forward to what I get to do next semester! The subjects I’m taking are Biochem and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Regional Anatomy (we did systemic previously), Sports, and Chinese language. I hope everything goes well, because if I want to get through to second year, it just has to!

Unfortunately, winter break hasn’t been all that...

I’m sure everyone by now knows about the novel coronavirus spreading through China, and a few other countries around the world now too. I honestly have sooo much to say, but since it’s illegal to spread information not released by the government themselves and I don’t want anything to happen to me, all I will say is that the situation is very bad over here, more than what the media is reporting abroad. My dorm building isn’t allowing people to leave unless you have a really good excuse, and even then, you won’t find many people out and about anyway.

My roommate and I took 2 trips to different supermarkets only to find a lot of essentials like veg completely gone, although I hear they’re restocked now. I’m not at the centre of this (Wuhan, in Hubei province), I’m only in Hunan province, so if the situation is that bad here, I can only imagine what the people in Wuhan are going through.

All I hope for is this virus to be contained as soon as possible, although I know that it will continue to get worse before it gets better. If anyone is in China reading this, I hope you stay safe and healthy, and if anyone abroad is reading this, I hope you can do some research into this issue and spread the information you find. I do give little daily updates on my Twitter and Instagram, so if you're interested, be sure to follow me on there!

That’s all I have to say for now! It’s been a season of highs and lows, and I’m currently going through one of those lows, but I know that it will eventually get better soon. I’ll see you all in the next one!

How I Manage To Beat Procrastination

It's safe to say we all procrastinate sometimes, but in my first semester of uni, I found it so easy to always fall into bad habits - putting off work until the last minute and panicking right before deadlines. I changed my ways coming into my second semester, and it definitely paid off! I used a few methods to see this through, and I'm gonna share them with you today!

My first tip is to know exactly what it is that you want to do, or to at least have a rough idea of how you want your day, or afternoon, or morning to go, whatever it may be. Every evening, I'd write down what it was I wanted to accomplish the following day, or I would do it in the morning before school if I wanted to get up and study early, or even after class (our classes were from 8am to 12pm every day!) and I would make the list according to w what we learned that day.

Just choose what works for you! I'd recommend starting off with writing everything out the night before so not too much thought goes into your tasks when the day comes - it'll definitely be easy to procrastinate without a list of tasks right in front of you!

After you've decided what it is you want to do, you should take all of that and break it down into small, manageable tasks. Having a huge to-do list can be very intimidating, but having them broken down into bitesize pieces makes it much easier to tackle.

For example, I could write down that I want to study the first two sections of my comprehension book. I'm much less likely to do that because one section has 5 chapters in it, so to make it easier on myself, my to-do list will actually say:

□ Study Chapter 1
□ Study Chapter 2

and so on. To break it down even further, I would write down something like:

□ Chapter 1
↳ Text 1 Vocab
↳ Text 1 Grammar
↳ Text 2 Vocab
↳ Text 2 Grammar

This small brain trick can really come in handy, especially since studying for 2 sections now seems much more manageable. If you would like to see my post on how to make an effective to-do list, click right here!

My next tip is to always keep your to-do list nearby. I keep my bullet journal on my desk and take it with me if I'm studying outside of the dorm. I also keep a to-do list on my phone if I don't feel like carrying the physical bullet journal with me that day. Point is, always keep something on you that you can use to refer to and more importantly, remind you that you have stuff that needs to get done!

Limiting distractions is something we've all heard before but it's so so important! Cutting out anything that will definitely shift your focus from the task at hand is going to ensure you don't procrastinate.

For me, studying in my room is distracting, so on days where I knew I wouldn't manage, I would go to the study room. My phone is also a distraction but I also have important textbooks on there that I need while I'm studying, so my solution for that was to turn off the wifi completely.

Find what it is that distracts you and either get rid of it completely or change some aspect of it so it won't impact your productivity.

Keeping like-minded people around me was also something super important because whoever you decide to let hang around you will definitely impact your life, whether it's good or bad. I am super grateful the friends that are able to keep me free from distractions and also motivate me to get off my behind and get stuff done.

If you realise your friends are the ones keeping you from being productive, just know that it's absolutely okay to be independent and self-study! Having a discussion with them about this will also help too!

Last but not least, the final tip I have for you is to either completely break or shift your bad habits. For example, after I'd have lunch, I would start feeling like taking a nap. Now, naps aren't a bad thing but I know myself and my naps can last anywhere from 45 minutes to as long as 3 hours (eek!). So, I decided to shift this habit by napping earlier in the afternoon and setting an alarm for only an hour, two hours max if I felt like I really needed it. That way, I would wake up refreshed and ready to get some work done!

A bad habit I know that people do is to start doing chores before getting work done, and while it may seem super productive, tricking yourself to do chores as a way to procrastinate is just as bad! So, do your chores at another time or add them to your daily routine so everything will already be clean and tidy when you're ready to get some work done.

So, those are my tips for avoiding procrastination and getting stuff done! I hope you found this useful and can use some of these tips too.

I'll see you in the next one!

My Self Care Routine


Hey everyone and welcome back to another blog post! It's been a minute since I posted anything, but I don't want to bore anyone with yet another update post, but I do want to give you guys a few updates nonetheless!

1) I've now finished my first year of university, and I finished top of my class! (I'm so proud of this fact I want to tell as many people as I can hehe.) We spent this last academic year learning Chinese and even though it was challenging at times, I powered through and now I'm on the other side!

2) I'm completely done with the previous semester, and now I'm on a long summer break. I'll (hopefully) be travelling around my city and to other provinces around China too, so look forward to seeing that!

3) Next semester, I begin my major, which if you don't know by now, is medicine! I want to do a whole post on why I decided to apply for medicine, and why I came to China, so look forward to that too!

Now we can get into this post: my self-care routine. Saying I've just gone through one of the most challenging years of my life is an understatement: I have no words to describe how tough it's been since September, which is why I devised a routine to help me get through it all. I hope you enjoy this post!

The very first thing I do is begin tidying up around the room. I have a roommate, which in China means sharing an actual room with someone, not just a flat, so we split cleaning evenly. Other than the areas we both share, I also clean up my personal areas, like my desk, bed and wardrobe.

I fold up clothes, put my desk in order and change my beddings to give a fresh new vibe. I also take this time to do laundry and hang the wet clothes out on the balcony (tumble dryers aren't really common over here, especially in university dorms, but since it's summer and incredibly hot, all my clothes will be dry the next day!) Cleaning is something so therapeutic to me, and it's just the act of doing it that already makes me start feeling much calmer.

The next thing I do is my skincare routine, then take a really hot shower. I like to wash my face out of the shower because the water in there is way too hot to be good for your face, and I love to listen to music while I do it. I promise I will have a post up soon with all my favourite products, so look forward to that!

My full skincare routine currently goes like this: cleanse, exfoliate, clay mask, toner, sheet mask, serum, moisturiser.

After my clay mask but before the toner, I hop in the shower and use my niacinamide body scrub. I ordered it online and I use it 3 to 4 times a week, ever since I got a ton of mosquito bites that have left some gnarly scars, but I haven't used it long enough to see any serious effects. It does leave my skin super soft though and has a lovely smell so I'll continue using it!

When I hop out of the shower, I continue with the rest of my skincare routine.

Doing my nails, especially when they're chipped and looking a bit worse for wear, makes me feel so much better! I don't know what it is but I always make sure to do this if I'm feeling stressed and it improves my mood greatly. While I'm doing this I either have a cup of milk tea or black tea nearby and I'm sipping on that, listening to a podcast or some music and doing my nails. Sounds absolutely perfect if you ask me!

I get all my nail polishes from Miniso because I decided to leave all the ones from the UK back home so I could try new colours out here, and so far I've loved all the ones I've bought.

Once my nails are dry and looking pretty, I like to head to my bed and bring out my tablet to watch some YouTube videos. I love the channel Jubilee for their thought provoking videos about differences amongst different groups of society (definitely one to check out!) I also love my usual YouTubers like Lavendaire for when I need that dose of inspiration.

I'll typically spend an hour watching these videos, which sounds like an awfully long time but honestly if I need to fully chill out and enjoy myself that day, I don't look at the time and stress myself out even more. I watch for as long as I need to, especially the week our exams were wrapping up I definitely needed this time in the evening to just be a potato and do something chill.

Depending on how the evening progresses, I may feel like popping into my friend's rooms and hanging out here for a while too. One of the best things about living in uni accommodation is that everyone from class lives a few doors down, and if you need anything you can just knock on their door. I've got classmates on every floor of the building and some even live right next door so it's great to go visit someone or have them come see me when we're stressed out and needing to vent.

We always visit each other with the intention of only staying for a couple of hours max, but the thing about being around people that make you happy is hours and hours will go by and before you know it, it's already 1am and you're still having fun!

As much as I love everyone I've met here, I also love talking to everyone back home. I think it's important to not forget about your friends from back home once you go to uni, especially if you're studying abroad like me, you should make extra effort to keep in touch with everyone.

Taking to people back home makes me feel so much more at ease and it's nice to tell everyone how uni is going. If anyone can't catch me because of the insane time difference, waking up to messages is also a lovely thing to look forward to.

By the end of the evening (or late late night) I'm tired out and ready for bed! This routine kept me sane during exam season and even now that our exams are over, it's nice to do a few times a week because self care should be a habitual thing, not something you go to when things aren't going so great.

If there are any types of blog posts you'd like to see, definitely leave them in the comments below and I'll be sure to make if happen! Now that it's the summer break I've got time to spend on my blog, which is something I've looked forward to for a long long time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll see you all in the next one!