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Loving Lately

So I've been toying around with the idea of introducing a series (or two, keep your eyes peeled!) onto my blog for the longest time, and after brainstorming a whole plethora of ideas, I can now introduce the first series I've wanted to put out for ages!

It's nothing groundbreaking or original by any means, because almost every blogger I follow has this type of post in some capacity, but I still wanted to introduce it here because I have a lot of stuff to share that isn't to do with my regular type of content. So Loving Lately is just going to be a collection of the things I'm currently loving at that moment - TV, music, Instagram accounts - just anything that is currently bringing me happiness and joy. If you see the name switch around a couple of times, that's just me working out a few others I liked too hehe.

TV //
So I'm sure everyone by now has watched Love is Blind right? The cringy and yet somehow still addictive show that got really popular overnight and still has people talking. I saw a lot of tweets about it and surprisingly found some episodes on a Chinese app I use for watching western shows. Unfortunately, only the first 5 episodes are available, and I'm waiting for it to be updated but thanks to social media, I know how everything's turned out! Lauren and Cameron were my favourite couple from day 1 and I just need the other episodes to be updated so I know how others broke up! Definitely one to watch if you haven't already.

I've also been enjoying Legacies as a something to watch while I eat my dinner. If you're a fan of TVD or The Originals, then you'll enjoy this too! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, think werewolves, witches, and vampires in a boarding school. I'm actually done with that now, and I'm thinking of starting a new medical show to enjoy.

The only podcast I've been listening to regularly is Elevation, although I've been listening to snippets of others here and there when I can. Because of the virus, all church meetings have been cancelled until further notice, so I've been listening to sermons instead. I love Pastor Furtick because he gives you the message in a way that's easy to understand and always relevant (even the sermons from years ago!). I've been listening to one before I go to sleep and it's a great way to end my night.

Doja Cat has been my #1 most listened to artist lately. Since Tia Tamera came out, I've been listening to her old music and patiently waiting for a new album to come out, and when Hot Pink came out it was on repeat all day (and still is!). She can sing, dance, rap - just so versatile and definitely my new favourite artist right now. Just check out this live performance of Say So! Dua Lipa is another honorable mention, although I'm patiently waiting for Future Nostalgia to come out before I talk about it in depth.

Because I've been indoors since mid-January (wow), I've had no new opportunities to improve on my Chinese speaking. So, I've been listening to more songs in Chinese and plan to translate a few to gain some new vocab. Now, I promise myself this every holiday but there's always a distraction that pops up but because I'm not allowed to go outside, there are no excuses! I've liked Li Ronghao's album 耳朵 and hope to start translating (and fully understanding) at least one song a month if there's time!

Finally, a precaution I took when the virus first broke out was to avoid all meat until it blew over. However, I've decided to stick to being veggie for a while longer after doing some research on the animal industry and the overall effect that meat has on the body. To keep me inspired for meals, I've mainly loved the channel SweetPotatoSoul and Pick Up Limes. A lot of their meals look delicious and I want to try them out, so I've been all over their websites, channels, and Instagrams for inspo. If your diet is mainly plant-based (or even if it's not!) I would highly recommend these two!

So, that's the first edition of Loving Lately! I'll only be uploading a post whenever I actually have things to talk about, like right now because other than studying all I can do is consume crazy amounts of media.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll see you in the next one!

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