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Keeping Myself Organised At Uni

Being organised is something I'm really good at. Since the days of GCSE exams, I've just had to be on top of it. Sometimes it gets difficult juggling everything together, and sooner or later (at least for me) something has to give, whether it's my sleep or social life. But, I do still stand by the statement that I am an organised person and I'm pretty proud about it!

Being at university means I am organised in a different way compared to the way I was previously and being a language student on top of that means there's a whole new system of doing things. I've got 4 main ways I keep myself together and I wanna share them with you! 

I have been using Google Cal for years now and it's what I prefer when it comes to calendars. Having a digital calendar means I can add things, take things out and swap them around without scribbling anywhere and having it look messy - it's just easier and I can take it anywhere.

I colour code everything depending on what it is, and I add everything to my calendar. I schedule in my classes, my school breaks, when a blog post is going up, when my rent is due, people's birthdays, school events, any travelling I plan on doing, and appointments. Having everything colour coded first of all looks really pretty, but it's also a good visual tool to see when something is happening.

I add absolutely everything in there so I can be accountable and informed about anything going on. It also makes it really hard to forget things!

In addition to my Cal, I also use my bullet journal (see post here!). I have to admit, the excitement of having a bullet journal wore off after some time and now I just use it for my daily to-do lists.

I don't add in habit trackers or any of those fancy spreads because right now I simply don't need them. The general rule of thumb is to only add spreads you'll actually need and use, and I don't need or use any of them!

In addition to my daily to-do lists, the only spreads I do add are my semester at a glance, where I put in all the events of the current semester, and my daily class schedule. Other than that, it's pretty basic and minimal.

For all things relating to school, I use one notebook during class and one after.

In class, I write notes on what my teacher is talking about. We have one topic per lesson and we learn approximately 20 new words per lesson, so I just make rough notes in my class notebook. These notes are a mess of English and Chinese so I try not to be too fancy with it and write as I like.

I don't use any note-taking systems like I did in sixth form because it's only language and I can retain information this way.

After class, I have another notebook where I re-write my notes. I write 99% of these notes in Chinese because it helps me learn and I now know the Chinese meaning from class earlier that day. This is where I add highlighter and coloured pens to make the information stand out and also to look a bit more pretty!

That's pretty much how I stay organised at university! It's not complicated at all and it keeps me from forgetting crucial info!

How do you keep yourself organised?