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What I Eat In A Day

Hi all and welcome to another blog post! I decided to do something different this time round and do a what I eat in a day. I love videos like this on YouTube, so I want to start doing these regularly on my blog too!

I tend to eat the same things everyday because I'm picky and I know what I like! I'm glad I can be at home for most of my meals because it leaves me time to be able to cook and not rush. 

So let's see what I ate on this particular day!

For breakfast, I had porridge. I started my day with a mug of hot water then made some tea to go along with my meal.

Breakfast is really important, so I try to make it as nutritious as possible. This porridge had loads of grains, quinoa, cranberries and I added some flaxseeds for more nutrition. To top it off, I added some dates and coconut! The tea I had was Tetley Lemon and Orange Green Tea, which they say gives you 23% of your daily recommended vitamin D intake. With all the rain and snow we've been having, it's a good thing to take some vitamin D supplements!

I got hungry a little bit after and had some fruit to snack on. Since the beginning of winter, I have loved snacking on persimmons and kiwis whenever I can. I just love them so much! As I ate these, I also had some water.

Lunch was lovely because I made myself one of my favourites - tofu! Tofu has become a staple in my diet and the way I make it makes it crispy and delicious.

Cut a block of tofu in half and gently squeeze the water out. You could press the tofu for 30 minutes but I just give it a quick squeeze and leave it at that! Cut the block into any shape you want (I chose rectangles) and coat in a mixture of cornflour and black pepper. The cornflour makes it crispy when you fry it!

Fry the pieces in some oil and make sure they're cooked on all sides. Then, add in your favourite sauce until they're all coated and sticky. I use sweet chilli sauce but I've made this recipe with Korean barbecue sauce and it was just as delicious. I make this most days in the week because it's quick and tastes delicious! I served my tofu with rice and a salad and also drank more water with this meal too.

For dinner I was particularly lazy and feeling like I needed to treat myself. When I feel like this; there's only one thing I want - pizza!

I had just a plain cheese pizza with some chips. I didn't have more than 3 slices because with all that oozing cheese, any more slices and my stomach would have given me trouble that night! To finish off my evening, I had a cup of tea and a bourbon biscuit and called it a day!

I didn't mean to have a no-meat day but for the past few weeks, it's just been happening naturally. I quite enjoy not having meat all the time and meals taste delicious without it! I hope to do more of these posts in the future!