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YouTube Channels That Will Help You Become Your Best Self | Part II

Welcome back to another blog post, and welcome to the second instalment of "YouTube Channels That Will Help You Become Your Best Self"! I had such positive responses on the first post (and it's one of my most viewed posts!) that I decided that I needed to share even more of my favourite channels with you all!

I love using YouTube to better myself and learn; gone are the days of mindlessly watching videos for the sake of it! But, it does happen sometimes and when it does I'm grateful for having some channels to fall back on. 

If you want to read the first post before delving into this one, then you can do so here!

I don't know what it is about Jasmin's channel that I loved so much when I first came across it. It was probably her fun and sweet personality combined with her beautiful content. Jasmin has been on YouTube for years, but I only discovered her recently through her Productive Sunday video when I was looking for motivation after a slump in my own.

I watched so many of her videos and I can tell you that she's been so inspiring to get myself together. She has bullet journal videos and vlogs where she shows her productivity. Her editing and filming is also really great, so she's definitely one to check out!

If I were to describe Gillian's channel in one word it would be #GirlBoss.

Gillian's channel has everything! Productivity, organisation, YouTube tips (if you're a YouTuber), motivation, business tipssocial media tips - it's all here! I watch her videos so often because she's just so inspiring and she's what I want to achieve with my own blog. Do watch all of her videos and see how you like them!

Another YouTuber I have been watching is Jasmine. Similar to Jusuf, she has such a lovely personality that makes me so much more positive! Jasmine definitely has more of a lifestyle channel but the thing I love most are her language videos. She has videos on learning Chinese and Korean which I found useful when I started learning these languages. She also has positive videos on cooking vegan food and self-love too!

If you want more positivity hitting your subscription box, then do subscribe to Jasmine's channel!

Another definite #GirlBoss is Chelsea from The Financial Diet!

This channel has everything to do with money and it's been such a great resource for the times I have a money question and I need a good answer. There are videos such as 8 Things Wealthy People Do Differently, How To Save An Emergency Fund, and 9 Unnecessary Items You Think You Need To Buy, to name but a few.

The channel also features videos that aren't to do with money like a Sunday routine that helps with your productivity! I love this channel because there are so many videos to watch and they all leave you with your answers answered!

Last but certainly not least is Erin May Henry. Another #GirlBoss!

Erin's channel is literally focused on helping you being the best version of you and she's so inspiring and motivating. I found her through her 5 Habits That Have Changed My Life video which prompted me to write a blog post about my own habits! You can read that post right here!

Other great videos she has are 10 Ways To Simplify Your Life, How To Be Successful in 2018, and The Best YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs. Her videos are so motivating and she gives great advice that you can start working on right away. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! My previous one is right here, and it has more YouTubers that will inspire and motivate you!

As always, if you have any suggestions, then please leave them in the comments below.

I'll see you in the next one!

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