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Chickpea & Spinach Curry | Recipe

Not long ago, I woke up craving chickpeas - which is definitely not something you hear everyday.

When I'm feeling like this, there are two recipes that I go for; curry or falafel, and 9 times out of 10, I will definitely go for a curry. 

I already have a curry recipe up on the blog (you can read it here!), but this one is going to be even more easy by just using one core ingredient; chickpeas!

This recipe is going to be for a creamy, aromatic, curry that you can get together in under 30 minutes. 

Here's the recipe!

400g chickpeas
1/3 cup coconut milk
2/3 cup chopped tomatoes
2 tsp curry powder
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp mixed herbs
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic
3 handfuls of spinach
Handful of coriander
Salt and pepper to taste

Start off my dicing your onion and garlic and frying them in a pan with some oil. Fry them until the onions are translucent and then add your spices - the curry powder, garlic powder and mixed herbs. If you have a favourite blend of curry spices, then you can go ahead and use those, but I just used what was available. 

Fry your spices for two minutes, then add your chickpeas. I used canned chickpeas because it's just easier, but you can of course soak dried chickpeas overnight. 

Mix the chickpeas into the spices then add your coconut milk and tomatoes. Simmer the curry for 10 minutes with a lid on until it reaches a consistency that you like. If you would like it thicker, then simmer for longer, but if it is too thin, then add a splash of water.

After the curry has simmered, add your spinach and coriander (or cilantro!) and mix together until the spinach wilts. Season with salt and pepper, and it's all done!

I served my curry with some rice and it was honestly so delicious! There was some left over and I had it for lunch the next day too.

Another tasty way to serve it is to put a few tablespoons in a tortilla wrap with some salad. This was so tasty too! 

I'll see you in the next one!