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New In: All Natural Hair Care With Forest & Shore

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post!

I'm sure we all pray for good hair days and rejoice when our hair finally does what we actually want it to do and not the total opposite. The days when we look into the mirror and feel great are ones I live for and when you have great products, those days occur more and more often. 

A few weeks ago, I was kindly contacted by Forest & Shore and they asked if I could try out their Hallelujah Hair Oil, to which I enthusiastically agreed. Oils are an important part of my hair routine, so of course I just had to agree to trying out their product, and I'm so glad I said yes!

First of all, the packaging is beautiful! It's very minimal in design and has drawings of flowers and nothing much else. The ingredients are listed clearly and there are also instructions on how to use the product. When buying something, the main thing to look at is whether the product will work or not, but an added bonus is if it's aesthetically pleasing too! This checks both boxes! 

Another bonus is the fact that it's vegan, cruelty free, and has nothing harsh like silicones or sulfates. 

Their Hallelujah Hair Oil has coconut, olive, sesame, and arnica blended together, and it's described as being perfect for dry and damaged hair, which is absolutely correct. If you want to revive your hair naturally, then oils are the best way to go! The scent of the oil is a mix of rosemary and lavender essential oils, which I love! It's not too strong but it's definitely noticeable but once you rinse it out of your hair it's hardly there at all.

The oil is dispensed via pipette which I found very easy to use. You can administer a few drops without wasting any excess product, which I found convenient and useful.

On the packaging, there are two ways listed that tell you how to use it. One is for a light treatment where you add a few drops to your freshly washed hair, comb through, dry and style as normal. The other is for a more intense treatment where you add a couple of full pipettes, massage into your scalp and hair and leave in overnight.

When I first used it, I applied a few pipettes to my hair, left it in for 15-20 minutes and washed it out, following with the rest of my routine. My hair instantly felt soft and after a few more uses, I noticed my hair more moisturised. For anyone with natural curly hair, you know that moisture is #1 for keeping your hair healthy and happy so I was definitely loving the product for this!

I also apply a few drops to my scalp every other night to continue adding moisture to my hair and it's been working so well for me to even reduce dandruff.

For someone with thick hair, finding an oil that can match up to it can be a struggle which is why I prefer to just stick to coconut oil! This oil has really been a life changer and I truly think that anyone can benefit from it!

If you'd like your own bottle, you can buy it over on Amazon for £15 and I think that it's definitely money well spent. 

Once Forest & Shore come out with more products, I'll definitely be trying them out!

Have you tried the Hallelujah Hair Oil? What did you think of it?