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Getting Your Life Back On Track | Travel Reset Routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post!

Today’s post is going to be all about how to get back into the swing of things after you’ve been travelling. Whether it was a weekend get-away, a holiday abroad, or just a regular road trip, we all know how strenuous travelling can be.

I’m someone who loves to travel in the sense that I want to get to my destination immediately and enjoy my time while I’m there, but I hate the journey! I get tired and bored, and there’s only so many songs you can listen to before you start to fidget in your seat!

Recently, I’ve travelled to Zambia (check this post here if you missed that announcement!), and within Zambia I’ve been to Lusaka, Kabwe, Kitwe, Ndola, and Kapiri, all within 2 weeks! Having a routine when getting back into the swing of things can make the whole transition process easier and you’ll be ready for your next trip in no time!

Let’s get into the routine!

Before I even unpack my things, I always head straight for the shower. A shower just makes me feel clean and fresh, and it also helps with tired muscles. After being on a plane for almost 10 hours, this was most definitely what I needed!

I also make sure to do my skincare routine when I get back. Recently, I have wanted to try out new products that I hadn’t heard of before in the UK. I also received some products from my mum when she went to China and they have been fun to experiment with!

But the steps are the same: cleanse, exfoliate (every two days), tone, sheet mask (once a week), and moisturise. The plane can make my face dry and dehydrated so I love to give some love to my skin as soon as I get the chance.

Next comes unpacking! I know that a lot of people love to procrastinate this crucial step but honestly, getting it done and out of the way early will make things so much easier for you later on.

I unpack everything as soon as I’ve had my shower and skincare session. I unpack my handbag or backpack depending on what I used, and my suitcase if I carried one. I separate the clean clothes from the dirty ones, I put away electronics, books, the contents of my handbag, shoes and whatever else I travelled with.

It can seem like a mammoth task especially if you don’t pack light, but this is the question I pose to you: would you rather have instant gratification or long-term fulfilment? Leaving a task until the last minute can be a great feeling in the moment but sooner or later, you’ll have a lot of rubbish that has accumulated that you could have dealt with ages ago!

I think the general rule of thumb is to unpack your belongings within one day of being back, otherwise it’ll get more and more difficult to do so!

The next part is to nourish your body.

Travelling can really shake up your regular routine, and for me I feel this the most with meals. I can go from having three meals a day to only one or two! Hydration is also difficult; if I don’t travel with a water bottle I can go a whole day without having drank any water. Not good.

When I get back, I drink a cup of hot water. Hot water is great for digestion and metabolism and I can feel it warming up my insides. It’s also great for blood circulation, which I definitely need after being sat in the same position for a long time! Sometimes I add some grated ginger and lemon juice for some flavour and if I’m sick, I add a teaspoon of honey. But, drinking plain hot water is great too!

As for food, 9 times out of 10 I have eaten something unhealthy as I’m travelling and it’s just more convenient. When I get back, however, I try to get back to eating healthy. For breakfast I’ll have some porridge with a mug of hot water, and for lunch and dinner I’ll have a lot of vegetables with some starch and protein.

For snacks I’ll stick to fruit. Unfortunately, there are no Nakd Bars this side of the equator, so simple fresh fruit will have to do!

After I’ve eaten and I’m satisfied, I’ll try to do a yoga flow. This is a mental practise as much as it is physical, and I have to say, I never feel bad after doing some yoga!

I’ve talked about how much I love yoga in previous blog posts, so check out this one, and this one to see why I love it so much!

The last thing to do is to give my body some rest. After spending so much time with inadequate sleep, I know what my body needs is to relax and begin to heal itself.

Sleep is so important for so many reasons like helping to reduce stress, and improving your immunity. After sleeping for a few hours here and there, or sleeping in awkward positions, the only thing I want to do is crawl into bed and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go!

I typically get 8 hours of sleep, but depending on the time I arrive from my trip, even 1 or 2 hours can be just fine for me!

And that’s it!

This routine has been helping me out so much since I started to travel a lot in a short space of time. It was definitely a shock to the system but having a routine to fall back on (you guys know I love my routines!) has been such a lifesaver.

I am curious to know what your reset routines look like after you’ve been travelling. Leave your links below and I’ll be sure to check them out!