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6 Tips For Creating Content

When I first started my blog, one thing I was definitely afraid of was whether or not I'd be able to keep coming up with content. I was afraid I'd eventually run out of ideas and have to call it quits, but somehow, I've managed to keep coming up with post ideas after all this time (it's been over a year already!).

Sometimes it does seem like I have nothing to post on the blog, but with these sources, I'm always able to have an idea I can flesh out and get up on the blog before long. I hope you enjoy the post!

Pinterest is the home of creative ideas, and it's perfect for blog posts too. If I'm feeling stuck, I go through my boards and have a look through what I've been pinning lately and get some inspiration from there.

The key word here is inspiration. I don't believe in outright copying content someone else has spent time working on and passing it off as an original idea. I just get a feel of the content and get inspired by it, instead of just copying it outright. Whenever I get inspired by someone else's idea, I always mention it within my own blog post!

Anyway, I go through my boards and get an idea of what I can write about and if that doesn't work, I move onto the next step!

Reading someone else's content is another way I get blog post ideas, and again, this is about being inspired to write, not practically hitting copy and paste.

I love using Bloglovin' to read blog posts, and I always come across interesting posts on Twitter too. Once I've read the post, I always make sure to leave a nice comment telling the blogger I appreciate it.

Using YouTube is also similar to reading blogs, and I love it. I've got a post coming soon about budgeting and saving money on food as a student, which was inspired by Aja Dang's video on how to be healthy on a budget. As you can see there's definitely some inspiration taken from her.

Since I'm on YouTube a lot of the time, I always come across video titles that inspire me to write something, so if you haven't used YouTube to get blog post ideas, give it a shot!

A lot of the blog posts I've written (and are writing) come from conversations I've had in real life, such as Finding Joy in The Small Things, 5 Signs You Need A Social Media Detox, and How To Achieve Your New Year's Goals.

Listening intently to what people are saying is such a dose of inspiration, and when someone sees me whip out my phone to write down what they're saying, they know a blog post is coming (lol). 

I know I'm not the only person who goes through this: you're laying in bed, and you're on the verge of sleep when a blog post idea just comes completely out of nowhere!

I love it when this happens, and I just have to get my phone out to write the idea down before it's gone forever. I don't know how to explain this but, if it is something that happens to you, then make sure you write those ideas down too!

I also feel like I get inspired by my daily life and what's going on right now. My post on culture shock came when I was on the subway and I was thinking about how different life is in China compared to the UK. Just being open to what life is showing you is inspiration enough.

Finally, I also try coming up with the title of a blog post first, then see if it's something I can work with.

For example, my for my posts beginning with "How To..." I think of different scenarios and see if it's something I can write about, like my How I Practise Mindfulness post. This is a creative idea for getting a post written!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any other ways you get blog post ideas, leave them down below!

I'll see you in the next one!

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