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5 Ways to Naturally Detox Your Body

As I said in my New Year's Goals, I am trying to clean up my diet and get healthier! I’ve been reading about detoxes and all the different products you can buy to help detox your body, but I think going about it naturally is the best way! So, I have 5 ways to detox your body naturally that you can start doing right now!

This is so simple and you can literally start this immediately. Water flushes out toxins from your body and helps with bloating and clearer skin. If you find the taste of water (yes, water has a taste!) just that unbearable, then try flavouring it! I love to add lemon slices to my water throughout the day. In the mornings, I'll also sometimes have a cup of hot water with lemon and ginger to get my metabolism going for the day. You can add anything you want, like berries, cucumbers, or even mint leaves. Mix and match with whatever you have on hand.

If you want to be more adventurous, then adding a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar can kill many different bacteria that live in your gut. I, however, cannot stand the smell of apple cider vinegar so I don’t do this but my mum drinks this every morning, and she swears by it!

Smoothies are a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Try replacing a meal a day with a smoothie by blending your favourite fruits together. Acai bowls are also really popular and make great breakfasts if you’re in a rush in the morning. Adding superfoods like chia seeds, wheatgrass powder, or flaxseeds can help remove the toxins from your body.

Your gut has a lot of activity going on in there, so taking probiotic supplements can help improve your immune system and speed up your metabolism. When you improve your gut health, you’re improving the health of your entire body! There are some side effects associated with probiotic supplements, so make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated with the recommended 8 glasses of water a day and get some exercise in there too!

There has been a rise in the amount of superfoods bought and eaten within the last few years, and I think that’s great! Superfoods like blueberries, green tea, salmon, walnuts, yogurt, chia seeds or goji berries have so many benefits and incorporating them into your diet is great! Tiny blueberries are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, so start snacking on them more frequently! Flaxseeds and hemp seeds are great sprinkled over salads and porridge (which is how I like them!), and they contain your omegas, magnesium and protein. Quinoa is a great alternative to rice, as it's a perfect protein - containing all of your essential amino acids - so try swapping your rice for quinoa instead!

Toxins aren’t just just physical; there are also mental toxins that can build up and need detoxing too. Try out yoga a few times a week to help de-stress your body. Honestly, I’ve been doing yoga 3 times a week and it’s helped my back feel way better! Meditation is also a great detoxifier for your mind; take just 5 minutes out of your day to be in a quiet place and focus on your breathing.

There are a lot of other ways you can detox your body, and when I try those out, I’ll definitely make another post about it! I do these 5 things regularly, and if not regularly then I do them daily to help reset my body and get it back on track. What are your favourite ways to detox?

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