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My Goals for 2018 | Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Another year, another chance to try and work towards some new goals! I feel as though I learnt a lot in 2017; it was definitely a rollercoaster of a year with certain highlights and some real lows. But the beauty of entering another year is having the chance to move on from the previous year and look forward!

I love love love how the new year has started on a Monday. How refreshing is that? We have a whole new year to start working on our goals and resolutions! If you don't have any goals, that's perfectly fine but I'm going to be sharing the goals I hope to achieve by the end of this year!

I can’t explain how much I wish I could drive! I really want to focus on taking (and obviously passing!) my theory test, then my practical test before the summer of 2018. I’m already reading up on my theory and asking my dad as many questions as I can think of all about cars. Driving just seems like the next grown-up step for me to take so I hope I can achieve it!

I really want to work on enjoying and living in the present moment, and part of the reason I started this blog was to track my progress and keep myself accountable. I hate that I fret so much over things that happened a long time ago or things that haven't even happened yet (and may never happen at all!) and it all just got to a head in 2017 where I wasn't really enjoying much of my daily life anymore. I am going to meditate more, spend more time with people I care about, and really make an effort to read books and listen to podcasts about being present.

I have really slacked on my reading within the last few years. Come to think of it, sixth form really put me off books because everything I read had to do with school and there was no time to read for fun anymore. I want to get back into reading, so I’m challenging myself to finish one book every month! I remember the days I would finish a book within 2 days, so giving myself a whole month should hopefully get me back to that level.

This one sounds really broad, right? I want to specifically focus on not eating out or ordering take-away so much! I want to start cooking healthier food and drinking more water too. I’ve realised that exercising in the form of going to the gym or having a run is not effective for me at all because I just quit after one day. So, doing exercise in the form of yoga is something I want to incorporate instead because I can just do it at home!

I decided to take up the challenge of learning a new language a few years ago. 2 languages later, I've decided to start learning Korean and I'm surprised with how much I'm learning and understanding in only a few months! I really want to put more energy and focus into learning Korean so I'm making it an official goal for me to cross off.

I started this blog back in November, and it’s been an amazing decision! I used to have an old blog that I wasn't very passionate about, but I’m way more organised and have a real passion for blogging this time around. I’ve loved following so many amazing blogs in this time, and I know it can only get better from here. I want Ellie K to grow and reach even more people so I can meet some other amazing bloggers out there!

And those are my goals for the new year! I hope I can achieve them, and I’ll definitely do a mid-year check to see if I’m close to any of these. What are your goals for the new year?

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