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7 Podcasts You Need To Hear | Minimalism, Self-Development & Lifestyle

Podcasts are an amazing way to gain knowledge in something you want to know more about, or something you have never been introduced to before. I love listening to podcasts because I feel like I am filling my brain with something useful and substantial because the information is going to come in useful later on.

I listen to podcasts when I'm doing chores around the house because it gives me something interesting to focus on while doing something mundane. The podcasts I have here are varied in genre, so there will be something for everybody and they're all podcasts I've been listening to for a while now, so they're all my solid favourites. I hope you enjoy!

The Mindful Kind is one of the podcasts I got into first. There are over 100 episodes dedicated to introducing you to mindful living and how this can benefit your life and I really love the lessons I've been learning. The podcast is updated once a week, so it's a perfect amount of time to reflect and implement what the podcast taught you!

How I Built This is a very inspiring podcast that focuses on how influencers and business owners literally built their business from scratch. Popular companies like Starbucks, Ben & Jerries, Kate Spade, and Buzzfeed are made transparent so you can understand how their owners did it all. I find it so motivational, even though I'm not in the same industry as most of them, because they show that anyone can do anything!

If you're into stories, then this is the podcast for you! Myths and Legends takes well-known (and some lesser-known) stories and tells the side that you don't know. I'm sure we've all delved into the side of the internet that explains the truth behind popular Disney movies (can't just be me, right?). Well, this podcast takes it to a whole new level! Definitely a fun and interesting one to listen to.

What She Said is a podcast started by a blogger for bloggers! I started listening to this podcast when I first started my blog back in November and it's been a great help for me since then. Loads of topics are covered, such as working with brands, finding a niche, and self-promotion. They are discussed in detail and sometimes they're discussed with another influencer, which is great because you get more than one point of view. If you're looking for a blogging podcast to get into, I would highly recommend this one!

I have already talked about how much I love Aileen's YouTube channel in this post here, and I mentioned that she has a podcast too. The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a podcast that focuses on personal growth and lifestyle design, meaning that you have the power to design the life you want to lead. Aileen interviews creatives and influencers that are making a difference in the world, and they inspire me to reach for the life that I want to live. If you haven't listened to this podcast yet, I highly recommend it to you.

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations is another inspiring and motivational podcast that I've been listening to for a while now. In this podcast, Oprah has really deep and insightful conversations with people who are just as inspiring and motivational as her. Every conversation gives you a lot to think about and it's great if you like having these in-depth talks like me!

Last but certainly not least is Optimal Living Daily! Another personal development-themed podcast, Optimal Living Daily takes a spin on things by the presenter actually narrating a blog post by an author that centres on minimalism, productivity, and positivity - all of which I love!

Even though I think listening to 7 podcasts (some of which update multiple times a week) is a lot, I know that this list isn't even the tip of the iceberg! The world of podcasts is very vast and there are hundreds out there, so have a listen to these and discover more! Be sure to tell me your favourites below!

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