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February Favourites 2018 | Skincare, Books & Movies

Hello everyone! Today's post is my first ever favourites on the blog! I have a range of things I've loved this month and I can't wait to share them all with you!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. All views are my own.

February has been a pretty good month; I've just been way more happier than I was in January. I feel like January was the month to get myself together and prepare for the rest of the year, hence no favourites last month! I was sick with the flu and not up to buying a lot of products or going out much at all. With all that being said, I hope you enjoy this post!

This month I watched 2 movies that I really enjoyed. The first was Bright, which you can watch on Netflix. So Bright is about a human cop who gets partnered with the world's first orc police officer. Sounds weird right? In this world, there are all sorts of magical creatures that exist alongside humans like fairies, orcs, and elves! When I heard about this, it made me more excited to watch it! The humans hate the orcs because of something that happened 2000 years ago, so having an orc police officer is a pretty big deal, and the two have to put aside their differences to protect an item that everyone is after. The movie is full of action and scenes that are pretty cool to watch, and it also stars Will Smith, so have a watch if you're into that sort of thing.

The second movie is Coco! I watch a lot of kids movies and TV shows because I work as a babysitter and when half-term came, the main request was Coco! The movie is about a small boy from Mexico called Miguel who ends up in the land of the dead and has to find his way back home. Sounds morbid but it's a great movie! There were laughs and tears (so many tears...), but overall it was an amazing movie! Do watch it, even if you don't have kids to take to the cinema - you'll enjoy it just the same.

I decided to get a new water bottle after I lost my old one. Instead of constantly buying bottled water, I think it's way more convenient and better for the environment to buy a big bottle that you keep refilling. With this, I can drink 2-3 litres of water a day, so I'm glad I bought it!

Next up are my beauty and skincare faves! I am so grateful to have been sent some of these items but there are some I bought too.

First up is Glossier's Balm Dotcom, which they describe as a universal skin salve. This was my first Glossier purchase and I am definitely not disappointed! It's so soothing and moisturising and it stays on for hours! I was very surprised to find that it hadn't budged since I applied it in the morning. I got the cherry flavour and it smells so delicious and leaves a nice red tint to the lips too!

Next is a product I was sent by Wishtrend! I was sent their Vitamin 75 Maximising Cream and I absolutely love it! It has a slight lemon-y scent to it, contains vitamins C and E, and it absorbs so well! The best part is that it's suitable for any skin type - combination, sensitive, oily - anything! I use it morning and night and it's my new favourite moisturiser.

Next up is a lip liner I got from Kiko Milano. A store popped up in the town next to mine, but I didn't go in until just this month! I got the Smart Fusion Lip Pencil in 517 Burgundy. It has a beautiful matte finish and is really one of my favourite purchases in a while. I was actually looking for a dark brown lip liner but I'm glad I came across this one instead!

Last but not least is an eye serum I was sent by Eyewake. Their collagen eye gel has really been helping with my puffy eyes and I'm so glad to have tried it out. I haven't noticed a great difference in my dark circles, but for puffy eyes this is the way to go! For every gel sold, they also make a donation to Women's Aid! If you want a new serum and want to make a difference, definitely check it out!

I started reading The Moon Pool by Sophie Littlefield this month, and I finished it within a few days! Getting back into the swing of reading has been great and reading good books certainly has helped.

The Moon Pool is about two mothers who lead completely different lifestyles in different cities, and they are linked only by their sons. Their sons go missing and they both leave home to try and find them and they learn a lot about each other and themselves, and as you get deeper into the book, there are a lot of plot twists! This is such a page turner and I've spent a lot of nights reading this instead of sleeping!

I think this may be my favourite purchase of 2018 so far! I got a lovely bullet journal this month after thinking about whether I really wanted one or not. Planners have always worked well for me, but I wanted something new to experience, and I'm glad I decided to pick this up!

I got a cheap bullet journal from Amazon (right here!) and I made sure to use Prime to get it the next day! I know that the Leuchtturm1917 journals are very popular, but I couldn't justify spending more than £10 on a notebook.

In my bujo, I have my blogging schedule for the month, a future log, a blog post ideas page and weekly spreads to keep me organised. I love using it so much! If you want a post about my bullet journal, leave me a comment below!

Finally, we have some podcast episodes I really enjoyed this month.

There was a 3 part podcast by Optimal Living Daily that focused on the 12 things that successful people did differently. I liked hearing this and learning about some things that I could do differently myself! Check out part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.

The Mindful Kind had an episode that shared 3 tips to have better mindfulness practise. I liked hearing about this because my mindfulness practise has seriously been slacking this month, but now I'm determined to get back on track!

Those are the things I've really loved this month! The whole 'New Year'  feeling has definitely died down now, and I'm looking forward to what March has to offer!

Have a great March, loves! 💕