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My Favourite Productivity Apps

Technology is so amazing nowadays, right? Everything is readily available to you at any given time and there are so many resources out there to help you with any tasks you may have. So, I've compiled a list of my favourite apps for productivity that I literally use on a daily basis to help me out.

First up is my long-time favourite, Google Keep. I love this app because it helps me set reminders, and gives me a to-do list and a space for drawing (which I use if I'm bored, but it's still handy). I use it mainly to write out my to-do lists and as I get through it, I use the check boxes to tick everything off. I also love the feature that lets you group different notes together with tags and colours. The audio function is pretty cool too, so there's any and every way to take notes down and record them.

My next favourite is one I've recently implemented, and that's Google Calendar. When I discovered that it links with the Keep app I already had, I was overjoyed because it means I can have all my notes and tasks synced together. The Calendar app lets me have multiple calendars and I'm able to colour co-ordinate everything together so it looks more uniform. I love the options it gives you to set goals, such as exercises and learning new skills. It's definitely gonna keep me accountable on all my tasks!

Daylio is a mood tracker and journal. I love that you can enter how your day has been and as time goes on, it gives you an analysis of how you've been over the course of a week or months or even years. The app is great for journaling too, and you can just enter your entry and assign it with a mood for that day. It also tells you what actions you do are linked with the moods you feel. I really want to get more into journaling so I'm gonna try to use this app everyday.

I also love the app Insight Timer for meditation. It allows you to set the amount of time you want to meditate for, as well as connect you to thousands of other people who are meditating along with you. 

For podcasts, I haven't yet found an app I actually love to use. I used to use Acast but I went off podcasts for a little bit. I re-downloaded it, however and I'm trying to get back into listening to podcasts again! My favourites are The Lavendaire LifestyleWhat She SaidYogaland, and more recently Oprah's Supersoul Conversations. I love listening to them when I'm doing mundane tasks like hoovering or doing the dishes because it gives my brain something substantial to focus on, if you know what I mean. 

I can't really function without these apps, so tell me what your favourites are down below!


  1. Haven't heard of google keep, but it sounds perfect for sixth form!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. i used google keep all throughout sixth form, its perfect! x


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