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Rosa's Thai Cafe | Brixton

There's nothing better than craving Thai food when you're in London, because you know you'll be able to find a really good place to satisfy any craving! As I was in Brixton, I decided that lunch at Rosa's Thai Cafe was the right move, and boy was that a great idea.

Rosa's serves up authentic and delicious Thai food, with many locations around London. 

I decided to go for the fried spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce as my starter, and they were crispy and delicious. It was quite hard to pick between the menu items (I was really eyeing up the chili & basil stir fry!), but for my main, I had stir-fried flat noodles with chicken. My mouth is watering just looking back now!

The noodles were nice and soft, and coated with a sweet soy sauce and the chicken was very moist.

I drenched the whole plate in sweet chili sauce and went in! Everything tasted great and was cooked to perfection, and when I finished, it took quite a lot not to order myself another plate!

I also got a butternut squash red curry to go because I was very short on time, but that was also just as delicious when I tucked into it later.

The next time I head over to London, I'll try out more things on their menu (maybe even try out that chili and basil stir fry...). If what I ate is anything to go by, then I know I'm in for another treat next time!

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