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Self-Care Tips

Nowadays, we hear the words "self-care" thrown around a lot, but do we practice it? Do we even know what it means? I understand self-care to be the moment or moments in the day you give to yourself to make sure you're taken care of, mentally and physically. I don't think self-care should be something you do only when things aren't looking so good, but rather it should be a journey you take with yourself to achieve stress-free living.

I try to do some self-care practices every day, but I understand that a lot of you are busy people, so that's not realistic for everyone. Self-care is also different for every person; what works for you may not work for the next person, so it's important to realise what helps you and what doesn't. I'm gonna give you guys some self-care tips to help you out.

My first tip is to make time. Carve out times in your day you can use to take a breath and de-clutter your mind. If you wanna start off the day positively, then the mornings would be a great time for you. If you wanna wind down after a long day and relax, then the evenings before bed would be more suitable for you. 

One self care practice I'm trying to incorporate into my daily routine is meditation and prayer. They're not interchangeable, so let me explain. Meditation is something you do if you want to clear your mind and get rid of your thoughts, whereas prayer is more of a conversation you are having. I love both, and I'm trying to incorporate meditation into my routine because I find myself with too many thoughts that begin to stress me out. I've started off with just 3 minutes a day, but hopefully soon, I'll be able to go for maybe 25 or 30 minutes a day. The apps I'm using are Headspace and Let's Meditate, which are both guided. I also like Insight Timer.

Something else I'm trying to do more of is journaling. By writing down all of your thoughts without filtering them on the paper, you can help to clear your mind. Writing for even just 10 minutes a day can help to de-stress you. I have the app Daylio that I write in everyday. I select the mood I'm feeling along with a summary of my day. If you want more of an analog system, then journaling by hand is great too!

One thing that is sure to get me in a relaxed mood is taking a nice salt bath. Salt baths are great for any physical aches and pains you may have by the minerals in the salts seeping into your skin as you soak in the tub. You don't have to lay in there just like that, though! Read a book in there too and really take the time to unwind. Having a hot bath at the end of a long day is perfect for getting you into the right mindset for bed. Baths are especially great now as the weather is getting colder and colder!

Something else I know a lot of people struggle with is drinking more water! If you don't drink enough water, you can find yourself confused, sleepy and even a bit depressed. I try to get in around 2 litres of water in daily, which wasn't easy for me in the beginning! I keep a bottle of water near me at all times and drink from it regularly. If you struggle with drinking water, then getting one of those bottles with times along the side can be useful. I would also suggest watching Lavendaire's video on how to drink more water, as she gives some really great tips.

Also on the subject of drinking more, green tea is an excellent drink for you to start having more of. Green tea has a ton of benefits, and I love to drink a cup when I wake up and before I go to sleep. If you love to drink coffee, stop! Coffee has a lot of caffeine that is great for a moment, but the crash that comes after is something I'm sure everyone could do without. Swapping out coffee for green tea can improve your overall health and leave you feeling better on the inside.

Clearing your space is also a great self care tip. Have you ever found that when your mind and thoughts are consumed and cluttered, your area is also cluttered? I know this is true for me. I love to keep my bedroom and any other immediate area a clean and mess-free zone, because I find that it makes my mind mess-free too. Give your bedroom a clean and see for yourself!

Self help can be as small as cooking your favourite meal, or even just making your bed in the morning. If you take some time out to do just the small things, I promise you'll see an improvement in the way you perceive your day to day life. Paint your nails, listen to a chill playlist, and see how much more calm you'll be. If you have any self care tips that work perfectly for you, then tell me down below!

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