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6 Studying Essentials

So for all you A-Level or university (or even GCSE!) students out there, you're probably now on Christmas break! I hate to break it to you buuut gone are the days of chilling over Christmas, and I'm sure you know this already. Although it's obviously important to relax over the Christmas break, I know and you know that your studies come first (and they will do for the next few years)! It can be difficult to muster the effort to begin studying but having some essential things around you is gonna make it that bit easier, I promise!

The first thing you want is to get your study area situated. For the love of God do not study on your bed! You'll turn one page and end up falling asleep (and I speak from experience haha)! Get yourself a desk or if you don't have one, then any table in your house or even the library will work. Make sure it's somewhere you can lay out all your books and somewhere you can sit at comfortably for a few hours at a time. You wanna make sure it's quiet too, so tell people to leave you alone for a while so you can knuckle down and get some work done. 

Next you wanna get all of your equipment together. Get your pens, notebooks, highlighters, just everything you need to begin studying. 

Another essential is a to-do list, and there is an excellent way to formulate a great to-do list. Write all of the things you want to get done that day and star the three most important to begin doing first. This will ensure you get a lot done. Then star the next 3 important things, until you have a list that's got all the check boxes ticked. If you want, you can even write down things in order of importance and work your way down that way. You can also try using the 80/20 Principle when writing your to-do lists, and I've got a post all about how here!

Now this is optional, but snacks and a hot drink were great for me when I was doing my A-Levels. Have something healthy around like some fruit and a cup of tea to study with. I don't know why food makes me get down to study but it totally does, so give it a go! This also goes back to not studying in your bed! This isn't time to veg out!

Music is also great, but if you're someone who studies better in dead silence, then ignore this. I loved having classical music playing in the background or in my earphones when I studied because it made me retain the information better. Having loud music just doesn't help in my opinion, so browse Spotify or Youtube for some study playlists. 

A timer is also an excellent essential for studying, and if you only take one thing away from this post, then make sure it's this. Studying for long long periods of time is not effective at all; you need to break up the studying portions and give yourself a short break before studying again. Using the timer built into your phone is great, but there are also apps out there that can do the same thing. The student favourite is Forest, which grows a tree and doesn't let you out of the app until the time is up. If you do leave, the tree you're growing dies! It also helps plant real trees around the world, so it's an amazing app if you want to do help an amazing cause.

I prefer to study for 45 minutes at once, then take a 10 minute break then begin another 45 minutes then another break until I'm done. Studying in increments really helps you retain information!

Other than your laptop and books (obvious essentials!), these 6 things can really help in making the process of studying easier and maybe a bit more enjoyable. Find some things that work for you and stick to them, because they're gonna make a difference. Cut out any distractions and knuckle down for some work! Also, make sure to enjoy your holidays! Burnout is a real thing, and you won't learn anything by pushing yourself too hard, so make sure to take regular breaks and drink a lot of water! 🎅❄

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