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5 Habits to Get Into This Winter

Happy December everyone! It's finally appropriate to start using the W word in the UK because it's freezing ALL the time! Winter time is definitely not my favourite, but I'm starting to get into the habit of doing small tasks that I hope will become habits very soon.

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The first is to drink a mug of hot water with honey and lemon every morning. Honey and lemon is very popular for getting rid of colds, and lemon is very good at helping you prevent colds in the first place. I read that a woman who drank this everyday for a year actually didn't get sick once! To me, that sounds absolutely amazing because I seem to catch a cold every few months, so I wanna incorporate this into my morning routine.

Another thing is to exercise! I know going outside when it's freezing isn't ideal for anyone, which is why I'm incorporating yoga as my form of exercise. If you wanna brave the cold then going out to the gym or a class is an excellent way to keep in shape over winter. Exercise has literally hundreds of benefits, so you shouldn't use winter as an excuse to slip, especially if it's something you're used to doing anyway. Just schedule it in the same way you would an appointment and make time!

The next is to drink a lot of water! Winter is so dry and this can cause you to become dehydrated! By drinking a lot of water, you allow your body to remain hydrated and your mind alert. There are a tooon of benefits to drinking water you can read about here.

The fourth habit is one of my favourites! Right before you go to bed, get some coconut oil and rub it all over your feet. Really massage your feet and right afterwards, wear the biggest fluffiest socks you have. This is gonna make sure your feet are smooth and moisturised all through winter! I love doing this because it just makes me feel good for some reason! 

Finally, taking a Vitamin D supplement during the colder months is great, especially in the UK where we don't really get any sun. It has a number of benefits including fighting disease by boosting your immune system, and one study has shown that it could be linked to reducing depression and anxiety. My mum already has me on some Vitamin D supplements, so get yourselves some too!

I honestly can't wait for spring to come around, but I hope that by doing these 5 things regularly I'm be able to make winter a bit more bearable.


  1. I have to work on the supplements thing myself! Im not very good at it! But I do love the idea. Great post!

    1. me too! that's something new i've started doing this year. thanks!

  2. Such a handy post ! I always find myself drinking less water in the winter but it's so important to drink just as much !


    1. it can be difficult to get into it especially in winter but it's still important, even if it's not hot out! :)


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