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My Winter Night Time Routine

Winter is not my favourite season at all, and I dread the colder months coming round every year. I wish it could be spring or autumn all year round, but since winter is always gonna rear its ugly head, it's really helpful to have a night-time routine that can help make it just that bit more bearable.

I use the evenings to get down and schedule a lot of blog posts. I feel so productive at night, so I like to make full use of it and get some blog work done. I check my editorial calendar, read some other blog posts from the day, and read and re-read upcoming posts to make sure they're the best they could be. I like to make sure everything is in order before making some tea.

Once that's been taken care of and I've had my fill of tea for the evening, I get all of my screen time out of the way. I spend an embarrassing amount of time on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram just scrolling through and enjoying myself. I also take this time to catch up on YouTube videos and shows on Netflix (I'm seriously loving Jane the Virgin and Riverdale!) and also on my k-dramas (I just finished While You Were Sleeping, and Doctor Stranger).

In my old routine, I would have done all of this in bed until 2am, but I've now changed my ways!

Once I'm satisfied I've had enough screen time for the day, I head upstairs. It's now important for me to make my room a no social media zone, so I do all of this downstairs!

I'm one of those weird people that love to shower twice a day, but it's the night-time showers that I just seem to love the most. It helps me get warm and scrub off all the grime of the day and get into my bed squeaky clean! Afterwards, I wear warm pyjamas, fluffy socks and a huge dressing gown and get my skincare done too. You can have a read of my skincare routine right here!

Yoga and meditation really help me relax before I get into bed. I stick on a quick video on YouTube and make sure I stretch and relax all my muscles before I sleep.

When I'm in bed, I also make sure to mediate. I focus on my breathing and try to clear out all the thoughts from the day. The more times I do this, the easier it is to not get bombarded by a lot of thoughts at once! So, I try to meditate everyday and I have a tracker in my bullet journal for this.

The newest edition to my night time routine! I read for at least 30 minutes, and when I start yawning and rubbing at my eyes, I know it's time for bed.

As you can see, my routine is mainly about trying to keep myself warm and cosy! I love this little routine, so tell me what your routine looks like down below! I've come a long way - no more phones in bed and all -  and I'm pretty proud of myself!