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Holiday Gift Guide: For When You Don't Know What To Buy!

I’m sure we’ve all had that awkward moment when we get through our list of what to buy for the holidays, and we just don't know what to get! Been there, done that! It can get so frustrating when trying to think of an amazing present, so I want to share my suggestions for when you just don’t know what to buy! Christmas isn't too far off, so these gifts are great last minute!

Skincare is such a great gift for someone, because encouraging someone to look after their skin is great! If you don’t know what type of products someone uses, then I would suggest buying some sheet masks. Sheet masks are amazing for moisture and can really help brighten up the complexion and make the skin look smooth and even. I love getting mine from TK Maxx but many other stores have amazing sheet masks (check here, here, and here)! If I received a package with sheet masks, I would literally be happy for the rest of the year!

This feels like such a cop-out, but homeware gifts are insanely useful! If you know someone who has just moved into a new place, gift them some cushions, throws, vases, kitchen equipment: just anything that can be used around the home. H&M Home is amazing for homeware, as is Zara Home. A gift like this can really brighten up their holiday season.

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to receive a product from Lush, even if it’s just a bath bomb! Lush have so many amazing products, not just bath bombs (even though those are fab), and they range from hair products, to massaging products to beauty products. They are also vegan and are all natural which is definitely a plus! Go into your nearest Lush store and see what they have!

This feels like another cop-out, but have you ever met someone who doesn’t appreciate a good gift card!? Didn’t think so! Gift cards are, in my opinion, the best because if you’re really struggling with what to get someone, then giving them a gift card makes sure they’re spending money on something they really want, rather than you potentially wasting money on something they’re not gonna use. Amazon, Spotify, PC World, or even MAC Cosmetics are all great for someone who you know is going to use it.

I think giving someone a 3-month long or even a year-long subscription is a great idea! If you know what the person is into, then you could buy them a subscription for that specific thing. For example, if your friend likes going to the cinema, then a cinema subscription is the perfect gift for them because you know they’ll love it and will definitely use it. Food subscriptions are also becoming increasingly popular, and sound like an amazing gift for someone you know who doesn't know how to cook! Companies such as Hello Fresh, Nurti-Bombz, and Bake Box offer subscriptions that would be great as a gift. On top of that, if you know someone who likes magazines, an option is to gift them their favourite magazine subscription!

Finally, I think gifting someone an experience is another perfect option. Groupon have tons of offers on experiences such as short stays, concerts, and spa treatments. Take someone for an amazing meal, or take them to an event they’ve hinting they've been wanting to go to. I love gifts like this because I get to experience the gift with someone and make amazing memories at the same time!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for what to buy someone for the holidays! There isn’t that long left until Christmas, so if this post helped you in any way, make sure to get out there and buy something for your loved one!

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